• We process unipolar and multipolar cables
    with high quality standards


Electrical wiring harnesses

Electrical panels


We are equipped, with electronic and automatic machines, for producing of multipolar cables, such as: (H07RNF, H05RRF, FROR, H05VVF, H05V2V2F etc…), and unipolar in SILICONE, VETROSILICONE, PVC, FEP, STYLE 3135 –
3571 – 1332…

Semi-automatic machines for applying IDC connectors, bench presses for crimping, automatic crimping presses,
and pneumatic and electric screwdrivers with the check of the torque force of screws..

We manage cables with plug approved for: Europe, England, Australia, USA, China, Taiwan, South Africa.
We are UL/CSA approved (file E337387) to manufacture cable harnesses for the American and Canadian markets.